What we import from partner producers in Europe and some Asian countries.

Import Products

We are known as a key player and a respectable trader of Fertilizer in Vietnam market with ability to execute and have never defaulted on any buyers. Clients have peace of mind when they work with us, they know for sure we will execute regardless of the circumstances.
Phospate is used in the production of fertilizers helping farmers manage their crops and take care of maintaining the fertility and health of local soils.
Steam granulation or Urea liquid infusion technologies are common in Asia while chemically compound Nitrate based NPKs are common in Europe.
Is essential element for plant growth it is important to food crops. Potash helps plants use water and resist drought and enhances fruits and vegetables.
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Urea is produced from a chemical reaction between ammonia and carbon dioxide, which results in solid urea in prill form (size 1-3 mm) or granule form.
This is a totally natural organic, biological product based on the best selection of manure treated with microorganisms and enriched with micronutrients.

Successful Producers, Prosper Farmers

Equipped with extensive local knowledge and excellent industry relationship, SSG has become an important link to contribute to the success of all stakeholders from producers to farmers.